Kalahari donates facilities worth a million



THE life of learners making life and the learning environment at Oshamukweni Co-educational School will not be the same, after Kalahari Holdings handed over accommodation and ablution facilities to the school.

This is after Kalahari Holdings on Friday handed over the accommodation and ablution facilities at the Oshamukweni coeducational school in the Oshalumbu area of ​​the Ohangwena region, to advance students’ learning practice. from school.

The facilities were built at a cost of N$1.5 million.

Earlier last year, the school came under the spotlight following reports that learners erected their own huts to avoid the long daily journeys between school and home.

The school, which was established in 1975, serves over 300 learners from kindergarten to grade 9.

Karahari Holdings chairman Martin Inkumbi said they came to learn about the living conditions of Oshamukweni learners through social media in January 2021.

Inkumbi said their team, with the help of the Region’s education directorate, went on a familiarization trip to get a feel for the living conditions at the school, which was obviously not conducive for the learners.

He said they then made the decision as management to lend a hand and submit a proposal to the board, which then approved for Kalahari Holdings to set aside a provision for the construction of the three buildings, did he declare.

He added that the hostel facilities were built with 64 beds and an ablution facility.

“We are aware that this investment will not be able to meet the needs of all learners in need, but we are convinced that it will make a difference and we hope that it will also attract other donors”, he said. added.

In his opening speech, Ohangwena Governor Walde Ndevashiya commended Kalahari Holdings for addressing the plight of Oshamukweni CS learners who were in critical need of accommodation facilities.

Director of Education Iask Hamatwi said the generosity of Friends of Education continues to change the lives of learners.

Hamatwi said that the situation for learners of life and the learning environment at Oshamukweni CS will not be the same. It will no longer be a life of bitter struggle, but a life worthy of a life in an independent Namibia.
“Resources provided by Kalahari Holdings have resulted in the construction of two hostel blocks, a toilet block, a well-equipped kitchen and shade for a dining room which is yet to be completed,” a- he declared.

He added that the development of Oshamukweni CS is a journey that has yet to come to an end and they will continue to work around the clock to develop the school.

Hamatwi said they still have a lot of work to do in terms of infrastructure development. However, the donation has made it much easier for them to do more things.


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