Social Loan Tuscany Region for Families in Difficulty 2017

Are you interested in Social Loan? For some time now you have been able to receive liquidity to guarantee satisfactory support for your family.

You know how difficult it is today to maintain a family, and often a salary is not enough. Thanks to the funding issued by the Tuscany Region, you can have an economic support, in case you are in difficulty.

How the Social Loan works

social loan

If you live in Tuscany and you have financial difficulties, you should contact the 300 partner listening centers throughout the province.

The listening centers are responsible for supporting families living in poverty, and the most disadvantaged. The region is willing to provide up to € 3,000 of loans, without requiring guarantees and without interest.

Naturally the first to have priority will be those who have a relatively poor socio-economic position. They will therefore have precedence:

  • Those who are disabled ;
  • Families composed of minor children;
  • Single parent families;

By when is the refund due?

money refund

Unfortunately, the amount disbursed is not forfeited, but fortunately the repayment times are quite flexible. In fact you will have to return the sum within 36 months of the financing.

The project aims to support workers in difficulty as well. The reimbursement procedure will in any case be agreed with the reference listening center, and you will also have a tutor who will explain how to avoid wasting money, and how to make good use of it.

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Requirements for social financing


Before applying for the social loan issued by the Tuscany Region, make sure you have the following documents and requirements:

  • Resident in Tuscany;
  • Be at least eighteen years old;
  • Not have a criminal record, or a criminal record;
  • An ISEE not exceeding € 15,000;
  • European citizenship, or if you are a foreigner, a residence permit;


I advise you to send the application as soon as possible, and as I mentioned earlier, the most needy families will have priority first.

For further information, consult the official announcement. If you also have minor children with a certain disability, read also what contributions you can get.