Udupi: ‘Atidonji Dina’ owned by the Nitte Institute of Hospitality Services


Press release

Udupi, August 4: Aati, the calendar month Tulu is considered a boring month, in which no celebrations or auspicious occasions are provided. However, the same month opens the doors to a whole world of culinary delights specifically using the edibles found in the surrounding area during the monsoon.

The same essence of culinary delight associated with the month of Aati was celebrated by the Nitte Institute of Hospitality Services, formerly known as the Sarosh Institute of Hotel Administration, on July 22.

Dubbed “Atidonji Dina”, the event focused on showcasing the vibrant culture and foodie side of Tulunadu to keep the younger generation up to date with the same.

Guest of Honor Veda J Rai, Principal Amar Z Cherian, University Advisor Matharani Mathias, Staff Coordinator Donald D’Souza, Student Council President Abdul Rasheed, and Secretary Lolita D’Souza attended.

The program began with the vibrant procession with the rhythms of the Nasik band and was inaugurated by the dignitaries by opening the coconut inflorescence followed by a formal function which included prayer, a brief introduction on Aati by Prof. deputy Nirupama, congratulations to the guest of honor Veda J Rai.

In a bid to showcase Tulu culture, Aati Kalanja’s act was performed. The students put on a cultural show that showcases the rich Tulu culture which includes Pili Nalike, Kangil Nalike, Kambala, Korida katta, Taray koota, Koti – Chennayya etc. and some folk dances. However, the main attraction was lunch, with mouth-watering dishes from Tulunadu. All the cooking was done by the students with the help of teachers and other staff. Dishes included Panaka, Manjal iretha Addey, PelakayAddey, Moode – Padengi Ghasi, Thimare Chutney, Ettidapodi Chutney, Kuduthha Chutney, Kadle Balyar, Pulitha Uppad, Uppadachil, Tajank pelathari Palya, Pathrode, Mint Ganji, Tevudantda Sambar, Punarpuli Rasam, padengibele payasa . These dishes are unique to Tulunadu.

Overall, the event was not only a reminder of the glorious culture and delicacies of Tulunadu, but it was a nexus to introduce students to the deeper side of Tulunadu cuisine and culture.

Many fun games were organized for staff and students. Student Council President Rasheed hosted the rally and Secretary Lolita delivered the vote of thanks. The whole program was compared by Thrishool Shetty and Melita Coelho.


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